Exploring off Limits Glenn Dale Hospital, Part 1

A couple of years ago in late October, I was riding in the car with my dad. We happened to be driving through the Glenn Dale area of Maryland, and my dad said , “Hey I gotta show you something, its pretty crazy.” I was definitely curious to see what he was talking about and after a few minutes he pulled off of route 193 and onto smaller road. The first thing that caught my eye was some sort of rusted tower by the side of the road surrounded by a fence. Then up on a hill I saw a large decaying building behind some trees. Because it was dark outside, it was hard to make out all the details, but I could tell this was something very strange and out of place to be seeing in the heart of the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. As we continued to drive down the road, I noticed even more abandoned buildings, some of them right next to the road. It was pretty spooky, yet I was deeply intrigued. Because of it being dark out and also there is a park police station right across the street, we opted not to go exploring the property that night. I asked my dad what he knew about the property and he told me it all used to be part of a hospital that was still up and running when he was a teenager and young adult. Later on that night I did more research on the place and discovered it was formerly a tuberculosis sanatorium which housed chronically ill patients of many types until around 1980 when it was shut down due to structural code violations. Over the next few months I made many trips back, partly made possible due to the fact that I was hired at a bank less than a mile down the road from the hospital. I had never actually ventured into any of the buildings yet. eventually in early November I took a trip over there with one of my friends determined to venture onto the property and explore the main building which sits off of the street behind the park police station. In order to get inside the building without being caught, we decided to park in a small parking lot off of Electric Avenue and walk up the hill and through the woods behind the building. Once we got through the woods, we beheld the magnificence of the huge abandoned complex. It is a tall brick structure over five stories tall and probably seventy-five yards from end to end. There was a chain link fence that encompassed the back parking lot and we noticed signs that said cameras were in use. At this point my friend started to get nervous because he is in the marines and getting arrested or in trouble with the law could get him in very serious trouble with his superiors. I wanted to go over the fence and explore the building but he was too leery of getting in trouble. He handed me a flashlight and said “You can go if you want…” “Geez thanks,” I jokingly said. Determined to at least explore a little of what was inside however, I crossed the fence at a spot where someone had bent it down almost to the ground and walked across the back parking lot and into the back of the building. An ominous message in graffiti read: “Come on in…” As I walked in, the first thing I noticed was that I was actually in the morgue. “Great place to start,” I thought. I took a few pictures of it and suddenly noticed that it was getting darker. I walked outside again and looked around. I could hear birds chirping. As I turned back around to go inside again the chirping got louder. I took a few steps closer to the entrance and it seemed to get even louder, as if they were somehow trying to warn me not to venture back inside. I dismissed all of this as my mind playing tricks on me, but when I went back inside the second time I just couldn’t shake the very creepy feeling that something wasn’t quite right about this place. It was almost completely dark now and I turned the flashlight on. Mustering up a lot of courage I proceeded past the morgue and into another room. At the end of this room there was a door and through the door was a hallway which ran left and right. I shined my flashlight down the right hallway. The beam traveled far and eventually became lost in the blackness. I couldn’t see the end of the hallway. All of a sudden I became struck with a sense of panic. I felt as if I would turn around and some horrible demon would be standing behind me blocking the way back out. I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided that I had to leave. I briskly walked back out from where I had come in, and back to where my friend was hiding in the woods. “That place is too creepy dude,” I said. We decided to leave after that, but I knew that I would go back to this place as soon as I possibly could…

A picture I took of the morgue inside the hospital.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Come on in…


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